Uniti Star - No volume on Bluetooth

I have had this Unit Star for about a year and it glitches on occasion where I can’t play through Bluetooth on my Android phone. It shows the song I’m playing on the display, it says I’m paired etc but no sound. It has done this before And then is fine for a month or two and fixes itself but it hasn’t worked for a month. I’ve tried contacting Naim but they are beyond worthless, by far the worst customer service on Earth. Any help would be appreciated preciated, beyond annoying.

I bought a Unit Star used about a year ago, very happy with the sound when it works properly, love it actually. I did have a couple questions and quickly realized there is ZERO customer support in the US. So I guess this is it right here? If I need help I post here? If that is the case I hate this world and what it has become. You buy an expensive piece of equipment and the only help available to you is people that have had the same problem and are kind enough to help while the company just ignores you. What a shame.

I’ve merged your two posts as no need for two separate threads.

Sorry to hear you haven’t had any support from the US distributor. The first port of call for any issue is your supplying dealer. What did they say?

Just for reference, here are the support channels beyond your dealer;

I bought used. Called my local dealer and they had no interest as I didn’t buy it there. I just want to speak to someone on the phone. Your company makes it impossible by design to have any human interaction. When I have a problem I need it resolved then not when someone decides to answer an email a week from now. It’s really terrible and frustrating beyond belief.

Although there’s a time difference and it’s an international call, have you tried calling the support line at the factory? They take loads of calls every day. Failing that, drop them an email.

I appreciate your help. Who and where are you? It’s insanely expensive to call England, an absurd consideration to have a couple questions answered in my opinion. I realize it’s not your fault or responsibility but you must admit it is going to be hard for me to recommend Naim to my Audiophile Community Friends even though I brag about the quality and sound if I can’t get a simple question answered.

Maybe use the American support email at the bottom of the thread Richard linked but give them your phone number and request a callback? Hope they fix your issues.

Have you tried another Bluetooth speaker (yours, neighbours, friends …) just to rule out there isn’t an issue with your device?
And in a similar vein, is there another device you can connect to your star via Bluetooth?

Thanks for the idea and I will try it next time.

Everything works fine and then it doesn’t and nothing changes in between. It just stops working and then a week later it works again.

Have you tried a complete power off - remove the plug and speakers and then power again. Next step would be a factory reset.

Thanks Mike S. That did the trick, a complete factory reset. Is this a common problem with no known updates to resolve it and something I’m just going to have to live with?

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