Uniti Star not showing UPnP Artwork

Hi audionauts, I’m wondering why the Uniti star is not showing artwork for an album that the naim iOS app can show while streaming through UPnP.

My thinking is if the app can show it then the Star should be able to show it.

I tried other albums, some I downloaded from a music store, some I copied over the CD ripper. All cases of my test show the artwork in the naim iOS app but not in the Star display.

Or, is it that the UPnP streaming is not showing the album artwork ever?

On your server, how do you have the artwork saved?

And what server software are you running?

If the artwork is saved in the same folder as the music files, and is named folder.jpg, most server software should serve it up such that the Star displays it.

the artwork is saved as cover.jpg and now also as folder.jpg, it is in the same folder as the music files. But it still doesn’t show it in the Star display. I’m using the UPnP server from the Synology NAS, please note that the Naim iOS app does show the artwork which means the server is providing it.

Have you tried ripping on the Star to see if those rips also don’t show artwork? Also, copy an album to a USB drive, attach that to the Star, and see if the artwork still isn’t displayed.

Also, just a wild guess: is the artwork image size quite large? I don’t know what is the maximum the Star display can handle, but maybe worth investigating.

I was going to ask this too. Under 1 mb is a good guide. I’ve not had any issues with files under 1 mb

As the firmware in the Star is in many regards similar to UnitiCore, the limit on image size that applies there probably applies to the Star too. With Core it’s just over 1000x1000 pixels.

Mind you that’s for display in the app, not on a front panel display as the Core doesn’t have one of those. So it may not be relevant.

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