Uniti Star - ripping cds

I’m thinking of replacing my Uniti 2, with a Uniti Star so I can rip my cd collection. I’ve heard that there is sometimes a stop in the music when playing back the ripped track.
Has anyone else experienced this problem?
Many thanks

Hi Peter - do you mean that there’s a gap between tracks on playback or that music randomly stops playing when played back from a hard drive or thumb drive?

I have one CD where there is a fractional pause in one track, in well over 400 rips. I had more issues with CD playing than this so not really an issue that concerns me that much.

There’s a long thread on this.

naim have confirmed there is an issue with rips on the Star having short spells of audio drop out, but not yet fixed (and it has been a known issue for some time). The fact a fix was supposed to be in beta test in February, but now it’s gone deathly quiet, suggests the fix didn’t work?

From what I recall it was pretty random - i.e.same rip would be fine second time.

I’ve never had this problem . If you have it could be a buffering problem if you’ve got a slow storage device. Go for one with a fast read write rate.
I’ve got a 1Tb portable SSD plugged into mine powered by the USB socket.

I’m not sure it’s useful for various members to say they never had a problem with their Star.

There is a well-documented issue, acknowledged by Naim who are trying to develop a firmware fix, where some UnitiStar rips play back with breaks in the audio. It’s only some UnitiStars and it’s only some rips. But it’s not repeatable between machines, so it’s been hard for Naim to pin down. Naim have been promising a firmware fix for months now, but there is no sign of it emerging yet.

Some members have found the problem is also present on replacement machines, so it’s not a rare issue. But many, perhaps even most, UnitiStars are fine.

The OP has the choice of returning it to the dealer for a refund or replacement or waiting for Naim to provide the fix. Discussing it with the dealer seems a good idea and/or calling Naim Technical Support.

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Hi PeterT, you might like to look at this thread begun in Jan 2022, Audio drop outs on ripped files
As Davidhendon points out the issue is real and so far un-fixable, I would recommend that you steer clear of a uniti Star, I had 3 replacements, all faulty. Eventually swapped mine for an Atom but recently noticed dropouts of sound unrelated to the audio file, it seems both Star and Atom are pretty flawed in their own ways.

Hi PeterT, I just replied to your post but the link I added into my reply was edited out. Audio drop outs on ripped files
If you google search - Audio drop outs on ripped files, you will find the Naim thread

The thread from Jan 2022 is linked above in my post :+1:

Thanks Laurencejames, it seems that the Star has a big problem with rips, I might have to think of something else


Thanks IainO, it seems there are many problems with the Star when it comes to ripping

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