Uniti Star ripping


Advice please:

After I have ripped CDs the message “The CD ripped with no errors” is displayed on the Uniti Star display.

No matter what source, or music ripped or streamed the display dose not change from the aforementioned.

All functionality is working except for the display. Even after switching the unit off and on again; no change.

The only way I can get the screen back to “normal” is to unplug the unit and reboot.

Any advice/help would be most appreciated.

Many thanks in advance.:sunglasses:

I don’t have a Star, but in the UnitiCore which has similar firmware, you can clear that message in the app (Core doesn’t have a display) by tapping the “clear results” link at the bottom of the screen.

Hi David,

Thanks for the reply. :relaxed:

What I have on the uniti star is an “OK” to tap within the Ripping Monitor on completion. All this seems to do is return the app back to the home page but the display remains the same.

“Turning it off and on again” via the front panel button doesn’t actually turn it off. It just puts it into a standby state, which state it is depends on how long you press the button, as explained in the online instructions. If you pull the power, wait a few seconds and then plug it in again, then you have done a proper power off restart.

But I haven’t heard of this issue before. I suggest you might try a factory reset, following the online instructions. If that doesn’t work you will have to ask your dealer to sort it out, or contact Naim technical support yourself to ask for help.

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