Uniti Star shuffle play of CDs

I realise I am asking a very blonde question :exploding_head: but recently my Star has started shuffling tracks on CDs :cd:
I can see a shuffle symbol on the display but no idea how to switch it back to playing CD’s from start to finish (tracks consequetively).

Any advice would be welcome.

Many thanks :dancer:t2:

Touch the shuffle button and it should dim slightly. It’s a very subtle change of brightness between on and off!

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Thank you so much :relaxed:
To make myself look twice as blonde (wanting to be sure) but that is the little icon (barely visible) on the app above the speaker symbol when a track is playing? I literally had no idea until of the light change/sensitivity of it :open_mouth:

Yes, either end of the “slider” indicator showing the length of track and progress there are 2 symbols.The left is 2 arrows crossing (shuffle) and to the right is arrow looping (replay).

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Thank you so much. I have noticed them in the past but no idea that it was an “illumination” issue. They are quite small icons.

Thank you again :blush:

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