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hello naim friends. I’ve been active here for a few days. 54 years old and live in düsseldorf. 2 years ago I deactivated my cyrus system and bought an all in one system. uniti star. in terms of sound, i found it far superior to the atom. I had not tested nova. The drive for my CD’s was also ideal. I had two muso qb and multiroom was possible within the Star. my speakers are the dynaudio contour 1.3. they are over 20 years old. now i feel like something new. what do you think about the clearaudio concept active (mm or mc) and the piega 501 or 701 in combination wird the Star?

The Active has a preamp and headphone amp that you don’t really need with the star. The standard deck with a phono stage would be fine. I’d also look at the Rega Planar 6 with Exact or Ania and the appropriate Fono.

I saw an advantage in that the phono preamplifier is integrated, since no other device is available. I have Ultrasone headphones and the quality of the star headphone output is not the best in my opinion. that’s why i also saw this as an advantage at clearaudio.

what phono pre-stage do you recommend for the rega planar 6?

Hmm, have you heard it? I’m asking because the Star headphone out gets good reviews (I don’t think I’ve actually used it on mine), so it would be interesting if the ClearAudio one is so much better.

Yes i heard it and works now with iPhone, dragonfly red and tidal. I will try ist again.

Regarding speakers, I like Piega, indeed I have a pair of TS3 bookself (current version T40 Micro) and they are great speakers for their size - they pair very well with my Arcam A18 in the bedroom system. Very good quality build and inert aluminium cabinet - very underrated/represented in the UK. Unlike many speaker manufactures they still manaufactur all their range in Europe as opposed to the Far East - I sadly cannot say that about many of the UK speaker brands such as KEF,B&W, AE, Mission et al unless you are spending mega money on their top models.

Hifi choice did a very positive review of the 701 Premium Wireless (active) version recently. Both the 501 and 701 passive versions have 90+db/W/M sensitivity and 4ohm impedance and are recommended for amps between 20 - 200 watts. The Piega ribbon tweeter is supposed to be very good. Alternatively, and a different style/presentation but still beautiful in a different way are the Sonus Faber Sonetto range - these have replaced the Venere range and are now made in Italy rather than China like the last previous models. The Sonus Fabers have a 4 ohm rating but a specially designed crossover to present an easy amplifier load. Similarly priced but more traditional box-type speakers from British makers (and made in Britiain) would be Proacs and Neats - they could also be worth looking at. Finally the Fyne Audio F502SP (made in Scotland, unlike the cheaper ranges) could be an option - to these eyes another good looking speaker.

Perhaps relevant to the OP, I did not like the Sonetto V with the Star, at all. Something with the highs making voices sound dull.

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Should have added that I’m also runnning a Uniti Star to drive the Emit’s. Great value for money in my opinion considering the room I have… And that’'s coming from a pair of 50 year old (Dutch) ears.

Looks like a freak accident obliterated my first reply. So… in short… I am running Emit M10 with a small Cambridge Minx 201 in a small 10 square meters study. Loving it.

Test Equipment for this Weekend. ATR Celebration 40 TurnTable based on Pro-Ject Xtension 9.

Great Sound my first Impression



last week i did a little testing and had some speakers at home. b&w 702 s2. nice but too much for me in the heights. then the t+a Criterion S 2000 CTL and 2100. a dream of Product Quality. the 2100 have more depth and space, but was too much for me. the 2000 work more lively and fitting in my living room. let’s see what i do.

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Hello …running Sonus Faber Venere 2.5 and a Rega Planar RP6 with Ania and matching Rega phono stage …totally over the moon with this combination :slight_smile:

decided, I’m going with the big t + a (2100). Picked up today, in white.

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