Uniti Star speakers - updgrade from current?

So another question about speakers for a Star. I did read the other threads but still have my question.

Currently I have Sonus Faber Concertino speakers running with my Star. Despite the age of the speakers I am really enjoying the sound and the warmer nature of the Sonus offsets the the sparkle of the Star’s sound quite nicely IMHO.

Question is though, what would a logical speaker upgrade be in the longer run. I am not planning to upgrade the Star anytime soon, quite happy with it for the listening space I have, so it would be bookshelf type speakers, with balanced cost to the Star that would give a marked improvement over the Sonus Fabers.

Or do you say leave well enough alone, those Sonus Fabers sound as special as they look LOL

Would be interesting to know what you like and dislike with these and what you are looking for. If you are happy with them i would not change unless you want a different presentation. I currently have kef R3 and harbeth c7es on the Star and albeit very different they both sound great, depending on the music.
If you really like a speaker i‘d stay with it and rather improve on Electronics or the room itself. The powerline may give your Star a slight uplift in boldness and Bass if that is something you are seeking.

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Actually I like everything about them. The look, the sound timbre and the perfect imaging.

It is more a case of wanting to know what I don’t know. If there is not an obvious successor to them I am perfectly happy to keep them.

And interesting that you say that, I am already investigating upgrading the power feed. Can borrow some test material from my dealer, just with Covid I never get tot that city any more!

I should probably change the speaker cable as well. Still have the Van den Hull clearwater cables I bought with the Concertinos.

Unless there is something about the Sonus Faber that you think could be improved upon then why change? Enjoy your lovely system

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I agree with you!

And that was kinda my feeling but thought to test the waters anyways. The Sonus Fabers are like 20+ years old now.

That said it speaks to their build quality that they are performing the way they are in 2020.

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