Uniti star sticking on Bluetooth input

Hi Everyone, I’ve had a Uniti Star for just over a month. After about a week it suddenly switched from the HDMI input to the Bluetooth input and I could not switch it to anything else, either through the remote or unit controls. The only way I could solve it was to turn off at the mains and leave it for a while. It’s been fine for 3 weeks but did it twice yesterday. I finally did a factory reset. Have I bought a duff unit, or am I missing something? Thanks in advance.

Is this a brand new unit or new unit to you? If new, refer to dealer.
You mention remote or unit controls - are you using the Naim app and if so, on what?

Do you actually use Bluetooth? If you don’t, you can turn that input off. If you do, maybe the thing that is Bluetoothing needs to have the connection disconnected.

If the Star keeps doing it, it’s a good idea to speak to your dealer.

Worth checking what firmware your Star is running.