Uniti Star USB drive shows “no results”

I recently purchased a Uniti Star and have ripped some CDs to a WD 1TB HDD attached to the back USB. Everything was okay until yesterday when the app would not play any tracks via the “Servers” icon. It could see all the albums but when I tried to play a track it didn’t do anything and said nothing in play queue. Opening the USB icon all the albums were there and could be played.
I disconnected the HDD (with system on standby) and turned off the whole unit at the mains. I also closed the app.
I then reconnected the HDD. When I turned the Star back on and opened the app the music was visible in the servers icon under local music and can now be played. However when I now open the usb icon to show what is on the HDD it says “no results”. If I open the music store settings it says the WD passport is attached and has 900gb of space. It also lets me rip cds to it with no problem.
Any idea what the problem is? Thanks

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