Uniti Star with Linn Majik or Majik Isobarick speakers?

Dilemma time.
Have now tried a number of speakers at home, PMC’s, Focal’s etc and none have the midrange and warmth of my dear Old Keilidhs.
I have updated my speaker cables to Van Der Hul 6mm copper from Martin Grant, a clear upgrade.
The Star seems to match it well, but there are characteristics of the Keilidhs which I suspect maybe improved upon. Namely, midrange clarity in orchestral pieces and louder rock.
I’m wondering whether another Linn speaker might do the job but I’m conscious of the power limitations of the Star.
Your views are welcome. Thank in anticipation,

Hi Doug,

My understanding is that the amp section of the Uniti Star is based on the Nait 5i. I don’t know anything about the Linn Majik speakers but certainly the old Linn Isobariks were very demanding of amplification and I wouldn’t think the Uniti Star would be up to it. I would be looking at easy to drive and undemanding speakers to make the most of the Star. Avoid anything that’s likely to place too much of a demand on it or it will struggle to perform at its best.

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I’m a big fan of the Majik 109s, though I do not like the 140s or the MIsos (too boomy, IMO). I use mine with a Nait XS on the second system. In the past this amp/combo was pressed into service as my main system fed by a Klimax LP12 and I never felt like I was missing anything from my bigger amps/speakers. That is not to say that there wasn’t a difference, just that it is so enjoyable that I wasn’t thinking about any shortcomings when listening to it.

How they compare to Keilidhs I wouldn’t be able to tell.


So, that’s it. I have tried to like ATC, PMC, Focal and new Linns etc. but nothing does the whole job as well as my old Keilidhs.

Old isn’t necessarily out of date.
What I’ve been hearing is a mix of fantastic detail, open sound stages and separation: but, none of them swing and engage.

Going to have a rest for a few weeks and then might
try some Neats, Spendors and old Naim speakers. Maybe B and W’s maybe KEF, argh! Help, I’m addicted.
Thank you for your guidance and wisdom.
Until the next time,

I tried a 5i with M140s for a short while. It was pretty good but you need a much better amp to fully control the bass. Keilidh bass is much better quality, although not as deep. I had the upgraded 140 steel bases too and also did the 2db crossover cut to reduce bass.

The 140s do rock quite well but are a bit polite compared to vintage Linn speakers.

I think Keilidh era were the last Linn speakers to work really well with Naim amps. I have the next gen Katans and didn’t work for me. Briefly tried Ninkas too. To my ears M109s didn’t to it either.

@Murmur I agree, except for that I thought the Katans paired nicely with the Nait 2, but that’s a different system.

Keilidhs especially in their best versions (single wire, Kustone and Ninka tweeter upgrades) are very nice with a Naim amp as of XS level or CB/Olive separates.

@DougT if you miss (your) Keilidhs why not (re)build your system around them instead of continuing with the Uniti Star?

Oh, don’t tempt me!

@DougT The Keilidhs being older speakers will benefit from a service by now. They will not be performing at the clearest levels anymore. This will bring them back to new or better. I have the impression that every country has at least one (Linn) specialist who can perform this refurbishing at limited cost.

You appear to be at a vintage/modern crossroads, also reading your recent Focal 1028Be thread. New systems will sound good but different and your heart is not there yet :slight_smile: .

The way I see it you have two options:

Make this a project and indeed have the Keilidhs refurbished. Sell the Uniti Star, and find something more traditional to go from there. You will receive plenty of advice when doing so. I don’t see a system profile so don’t know what else you listen to outside the functions of the Uniti Star and how much.
Alternatively, put your mind into the Uniti Star which you did buy for a reason, book a good demo moment at your dealer(s) for suitable modern speakers (may take 1 or 2 attempts), and forget about your Keilidhs from thereon, sell them quickly.

It’s time you start enjoying music and/or system building again, rather than worrying about the system!

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That’s a very interesting and thoughtful reply.
To which, I will give some thought, thank you.

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It wasn’t exactly a subtle reply on my part, though, so I feel a need to tone it down a bit. I foremost wanted to point out that the Keilidhs in present condition might not be a valid reference. And that it would be nice if building a system could bring more joy.

It might be that the tonal balance of the Uniti Star prevents you from finding a satisfying end result with modern speakers. In that case, if you haven’t done so already it could be useful to demo at a dealer the difference between the Uniti Star and other machines. For example, a Nait XS3 / ND5 XS2 combo, or different streamer/amp combinations altogether even from other brands. Something that brings back the midrange you like to hear.

I understand what you mean, it’s why I have stayed with the Nait 2 for so long even finding vintage speakers to go with it. The Nait XS3 to my ears is the first 3 & 5 series amp where there is only a faint hint of the modern restraint in the mids compared to the Nait 2. It’s small enough to embrace it in the scope of the whole fluid yet punchy presentation.

Hope you find what you’re looking for, good luck.

I prefer people to be direct.
After all this a hobby and our views are subjective; we are unlikely to agree on everything.
One of my most memorable musical experiences was sitting in a traffic jam listening to a live orchestral performance of the 1812 on my car stereo.
Just looking for ideas, and you have kindly given me more to consider.

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