Uniti Star

What do people feel regards the Uniti Star and the Atom - The CD is a benefit but what about overall sound quality? Also speakers for the Star - looking at the ProAc DT8 or the Harberth P3SER. Any suggestions very welcome. Thanks in advance.

The Star is certainly a step up in SQ over the Atom, and at 70W versus 40W, it will drive speakers more. Do you need the CD for playing, or as a ripper and server? If so, it’s a great solution. If you don’t need the CD, then the Nova is better again. I went for a Nova and Core and stream to several systems from the Core.

Hi Mike_S. Thanks for the response. Much appreciated. Playing at lower volumes as I live in a flat will I still notice a substantial difference in sound quality between the 3? Also any tips on speakers. I mentioned small bookshelf (for space) and a floor standing option. Thanks.

I auditioned all three and went in wanting the atom as it’s so compact and came out with a nova. The star was a clear step up from the atom with a more open and controlled presentation. The nova added presence and authority. There are a few used and exdem novas for the price of a star…
My nova drives atc scm11 with ease…

Hi Jon, sound quality would be noticeable at lower volumes, people often recommend running comparisons at low volumes. More current delivered to the speaker gives more control and cohesion, it’s not so much about the volume.

I use Totem Hawks with my Nova. Totem also have nice bookshelf speakers and the new smaller floor-stander Tribe Towers have great reviews to.

Naim oficialy force Focal (Focal Aria for Atom). Have Focal sinergy with Naim, your opinion?

I went into the dealer to listen to a Muso, was massively disappointed by the overall sound quality and lack of a soundstage - but I was blown away by the Atom.

The dealer did not think to suggest the Nova, and if it was that much better I might have bought one, mind you at twice the price it would have needed to have been a big step up.

I am using my Atom in my study, a relative small listening space, with the incredible Neat Iota speakers.

If you can, I would urge you to audition these, they are staggeringly good. Ignore the size of them, just listen! I auditioned 4 sets of speakers, with the Iotas I knew instantly.

If you are looking for something bigger and the Iotas don’t do it, then do listen to the range from ATC, I have largely made my mind up to get the active 40’s for my lounge, though at present I have no idea what will feed them. However, I will definately (ho ho) be keeping the Atom/Iotas for the study, I think they are a classic combination for a small space.

Hope this helps.


PS. It’s Ted.

Dear Jon,
Did you go for the ProAc DT8 in the end in combination with the Naim?
Kindly let me know as I am also looking towards the DT8 paired with an Atom/Star.

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