Uniti vs Amplifier

Hi everyone,

I have a pair of Sonus Faber Olympica that is connected to my home theatre 5.1.4 Atmos setup. When watching movies it’s still ok. However when I try to play Spotify over the Denon AVR in “Pure Direct” mode, I find that all the songs sounds very flat.

I read that in order to run stereo Hifi properly with a home theatre setup is to use the Pre-out on the Denon AVR.

Can you guys recommend me which is a better setup ?

  1. Nova Uniti Atom (Connected to Pre Out)
    Will there be enough power to drive my Olympica I ?
  2. Power/Integrated Amplifier (Connected to Pre Out)
    Will it sound better ? This way I have more power, but I’m using the DAC of the Denon am I right ?

Sorry as I’m quite new to Hifi.

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Spotify is a low quality lossy service and will never sound great through a good hifi system. With those speakers you’d want something more capable than an Atom, good as it is. Which of the Olympicas do you have?

I’m using the Olympica 1.

Thru the Denon X4300H, I can also stream music that is on my Synology Server which I ripped all my CDs in FLAC. But preferably I will prefer to stream thru Spotify. In worse case, I can subscribe for Tidal.

So the Atoms will not be powerful enough to drive the Olympica 1s ?

The Olympica is a very expensive high quality speaker and the Atom will be out of its depth. A Nova might be ok but that’s very much the minimum I’d suggest. With a Nova you can stream from your Synology and also use Tidal for web streaming. Qobuz will be added in due course. Spotify is really not worth bothering with for anything other than casual listening.

You then use the Naim and SF for music and take a signal to the Denon for HT duties. I’m out of my depth on this and don’t know exactly how to do it.

As you are new to HiFi it would be a good idea to discuss things with your local Naim dealer. I’ve no idea how you ended up with your speakers and a mid range Denon and you need some good guidance to ensure you spend your money wisely.

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Thanks for the reply.

Unfortunately the Nova is kind of out of Budget for now :frowning:

In that case, do u think getting a power amp and using my Denon as a pre-amp is a much better idea ?

No. Mixing a Denon and a Naim power amp is not a good idea. It’s like pulling a Rolls Royce with a pit pony.

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