Uniti2 cannot play FLAC via Fritzbox NAS

Hi all,

an additional problem to my other UPnP issue. Looking for solutions! Eternal appreciation guaranteed!

Situation: I own a Uniti2 hardwired via ethernet / tested also on wifi. I have set up my music collection drive as NAS via my Fritzbox router. I want to play losless files on that harddrive using UPnP.

Problem: While the Uniti2 recognizes the harddrive, shows the files etc. it will not play FLAC or WAV or any other losless formats - “Can’t Play - Unsupported File Format”.
It plays MP3s of that same NAS harddrive just fine. It alsodoes play the FLAC files when I use the Uniti2’s USB input to connect the drive directly.

Any ideas? I think others here have successfully used their Fritzbox in a similar scenario? Thinking of @robert_h and

At a guess, I’d say the media server / upnp in the Fritzbox can’t handle the file format.

Well, according to here, flac is supported.

I don’t use the Fritz box for anything other than basic adsl router/dhcp functions.

Thank you, Robert! That was my first thought, too, but I also saw that webpage AND my VLC player was able to play the formats from that NAS just fine.

Thinking it might be a formatting issue? Others report that unplugging the harddrive several times (not Fritzbox but similar issue with FLACs via NAS) has helped…

Have you tried contacting Fritzbox support with details of your model, explain your issue and seek advice.

Thank you, @Paul_C . Not yet. I have forever just found the solution / problem (after thinking it has to do with formatting as suggested in this thread). But the solution was different:

The Fritzbox created “shadow files” without any info but the same filename for each song. To find the real FLACs I needed to scroll down quite a bit. But they are all there and sounds great.

Great you got sorted.
There is nothing special about the flac files so initially difficult to see what your issue was.

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