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I own a Uniti2, whose display died, and I recently had it replaced. In order to make the new one last as long as possible, is it enough to keep it set to shut off after 10 seconds, or should I turn off the Uniti2 entirely from the back panel power switch while it is not in use?

Thank you in advance

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Hi, welcome to the forum. The Uniti2 is a great unit. Just setting the display to go off after 10 seconds is the way to go. If you are streaming and the unit doesn’t show in the Naim app, a power off/on often helps though.

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Thanks for the reply, I will do just this.

I agree, it is a fantastic unit. I’ve been using it with Tidal, with CDs, and with a Rega Planar 6 via a Naim Stageline. I also have it connected to my video equipment. It’s the least complex hifi system I’ve owned in years, and probably the best sounding.

I have had to do the power off routine a few times when it doesn’t appear in the app. It usually happens when I pause Tidal and walk away for a while.

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I have found some reports of displays fading even if they are set to go off after 10s. My own NDS is a case in point. Although I can’t verify the history of this from day 1 I suspect that there may be also be an age related aspect to this problem in some cases.

Paul, do you shut off your NDS via the switch on the rear when it isn’t in use? I’ve noticed with my Uniti2, that while it does appear to sound better after it has been on a while, the effect is much less pronounced than for other gear I’ve owned.

Yes I can confirm that one of my SuperUnitis went from the display being fine to very dim in about four months, when it wasn’t powered up at all in that time.

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I guess I’ve been lucky with no issues at all with any of my Green OLED displays over the years.

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It’s likely partly a batch thing. I have had five of legacy green screen products. One SuperUniti and one Unitiqute 2 needed new displays, and a further SuperUniti had a new screen fitted as part of a service back at Naim (although it hadn’t faded much at that point). My Unitilite and 272 haven’t needed new displays. Mind you I haven’t turned the Unitilite on for a few months, so it may do by now! But the 272 is used every day.

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I’ve found they can get triggered after brief period of power off and cooler temps.

My UQ2 was powered up 24/7 for about 7 years and the screen was bright and clear. I boxed it up for a move. It was powered down for several weeks and much colder than usual. First power on after that, the screen had suddenly deteriorated and a month after that it was gone.

OTOH, I stash it out of sight under a desk so it really doesn’t matter at all that it even has a screen right now. I’m not going to sweat it until it is due for recapping in another 5 years or so.

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I leave my NDS on 24/7. Its powered by an XPS so I get fuse anxiety if I switch it off. The display. was bright when I got it but within a few weeks went dim. However it went bright again a week or so later then back to dim. This looks more like a component reacting to something rather than a progressive dimming so there may be more than one issue at play with displays. I think the batch theory is my favourite.

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