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Hello all :slight_smile: I had my UnitiCore repaired and the main board was replaced. BUT! Now the backup external HDD is not recognized and it wants me to backup from scratch. This means 3 days to redue the backup. I also have 10 more backups of this server and need to know how to fix this. I cannot take 3 days on all 10 drives to backup. There has to be a fix for this new re-built UnitiCore to recognize all the backup HDD that I did in the past 3 years. Please help.

It’s probably mentioned in the faq linked below.
But if I were to hazard a guess, the board itself has some bearing on the ID of a backup, and so won’t accept your existing backups as they are technically from a different core.

This particular issue has never been mentioned before in the forum, I am pretty sure. I suggest that you call Naim technical support for advice. I would be very interested if they have a fix to suggest (but I rather fear that they won’t have such a fix).

Likely they will say you need to do fresh backups.

Why do you need 10 backups though?! I should have thought that two or three should be enough. Also don’t forget that you can play music from the Core while it’s backing up, or alternatively cancel the backup in progress and then the Core will do an incremental (ie differential) backup when you restart it, picking up where it left off.

Another approach might be to restore (using the Core option in Manage Music) one of your existing backups to a new internal HDD. I suspect, but I don’t know for sure, that this would reset the Core to expect backups of that identity, so you would do one restore from an existing backup and still have ten backups. If you stop a restore (eg so you can listen to music that has restored by then), you can restart the store and it will continue from where it left off. The same software module is used in the Core for backup and for restore.

The ten backups are mostly friends. These HDD backups are often updated as I add live music to them. I am thinking that if I backup one external from scratch that there has to be a file or name of a file that could be transferred to these other backups.

Ten back ups for friends sounds like illegal copies are being made!!

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You have any idea how to get the Core to recognize these backups??

As I explained three posts back. That is the way I think.


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