Unitilite Advice Sought

  1. When I try to play via any usb I often get the message ‘input initialising’ which stays on the screen. This can be with a newly inserted usb stick or with one that is already in the machine. The only way to clear the message and access the stick contents is by switching the machine on and off. This seems to resolve the issue every time.

  2. I’ve had endless problems with the CD player since I first bought the machine (whirring noises). It’s been back to naim twice without being resolved satisfactorily. I haven’t tried to play a CD for months but when I tried to open the cd drive this morning it is stuck.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I could address either of these problems?

Thank you.

With regard to the draw sticking, mine does this and I just manually open the flap so the cd slider can slide out.

Thanks for the reply Paul. Unfortunately, even if I do this the mechanism inside still doesn’t pop out.

Sounds like you will have to send it to naim for a repair.

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