Unitilite cd repair

Hello to all
where can I buy the CD player of my Unitilite?
has difficulty opening up,

What is your location? Ideally you should take it to a Naim dealer to arrange repair.

I would like to change only the reader, I saw that it is a simple Chinese reader
if I find the spare it takes 10 minutes

It probably just needs lubricating. It’s a common Unitilite issue if the CD player isn’t used frequently. It would be best to ask a Naim dealer. It may not need to go back to Naim and I’m not sure that just changing the drive is as simple as it sounds as Naim selects the optical drive units that it uses.



Contact your Naim dealer. DIY repairs fall outside of forum AUP.


I had a similar fault develop with my Unitilite v1… Alan at HiFi Cinema in Aldermaston was able to help me get it sorted and back as good as new.

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