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Not a new topic! I’ve been wanting to use my Unitilite CD player by taking the Unitilite preamp output (4 pin) to Nova analogue input (5 pin) using a Van Damme 4 to 5 pin lead to no effect, regardless of the Unitilite output. I’m assuming the lead is ok and I am keeping the Unitilite’s volume low. Any ideas?

I assume you have tried turning the volume up on the Unitilite and the input in the Nova you are selecting is associated with the socket you are using?

I don’t know the Van Damme interconnect, but you will want to check that it is connecting the correct pins at one end with the relevant pins at the other. It all depends on whether this was intended to be a 4 pin to 5 pin interconnect or a 5 pin to 4 pin interconnect.

Yes to first para. I’m using the Unitilie and Nova in a multi room set up. Generally the nova is the master and the uniti the slave but to use the CD player I need to reverse their roles. The CDs play fine through the Uniti ie volume ok although I was concerned I might overload the Nova input. Nova inputs set at 50% and 2.5mv (Hifi).
So why should a 4 to 5 cable be wired differently to a 5 to 4? Are there different applications? Like what? 5 is never an output as far as I’m aware?
Thanks for responding!

The thing to check, which you can do very simply by undoing the din plugs, is that the outputs on the 4 pin are connected to the inputs on the 5 pin, ie the 4 pin must be wired as source and the 5 pin as destination.

If the cable was wired as 5 pin to 4 pin, the input pins on the 4 pin would be wired, and therefore would not work in your application.

As it’s not a Naim cable, there is no guarantee that it’s wired correctly.

Should be right. It’s 4 pin to 5 pin for Naim made by a respected supplier.

That is exactly what I meant, but HH has taken more trouble over his reply.

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probably you need to select “external” for “Amp Used” in the Speaker Menu?

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Good thinking! In the speakers menu it’s necessary to select all outputs. If external is selected, the internal amplifier is switched off.

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In the Unitilite? What speakers menu? In settings?
The 4 pin output wiring settings are clear on the back of the Unitilite but I’m struggling to find the corresponding info for the Nova 5 pin input. My understanding is the output pins are not connected but which are the L/R inputs? Fusing working left to right 1 is L in, 2 L out (not connected) 3 is ground 4 is R out (not connected) and 5 is R in?!!

Full instructions are in the manual. I’d check the settings before checking the cables.

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yes, the speakers menu is in settings in the Unitilite.

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The Speakers setting is in the Set Up Menu accessed on the Unitilite itself or with the remote, not Settings on the IPhone! Been a long time since I looked there.
Thankyou all that was the problem. Working perfectly. Surround sound with a CD player and boy does it sound good. Of course if the Unitilite had multiroom for the CD I wouldn’t have had to do any of this!!!
Best regards to you all for your help.

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It also lets me multiroom the Unitilite CD elsewhere in the house using the Nova……….!

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