Unitilite not seeing NAS

My Unitilite is no longer ‘seeing’ my NAS where I have my music files. (Probably) relatedely, I have Plex Media Server mounted on the NAS and it too is not ‘seeing’ my music folders.
It had been working for years.

Try to restart all from beginning to the end. Order e.g.:
Nas - router - switch - unitilite
If via Wi-Fi - without switch :blush:

The media server needs to see the folders - try to re-arrange the library

A Streamer can only see the folders inside a server and if plex is not working, you need to fix plex first. Sorry do not know how to do it - others may help

Plex isn’t great for use with Naim. You really need Asset. If you stick with Plex, you could try ‘compatibility mode’ in the Naim app, I had to do this when I briefly used Plex. You lose some functionality and it will be slow building the library but it can help to get it working.

Hi @tblish and welcome to the forum.

It might be worth downloading a media player such as foobar2000 or VLC (both free) to a tablet and see if they can find and play from your Media Server. If so, you know the server on your NAS is working OK and the problem is elsewhere, either with your streamer or, more likely, the network.

I agree with posts above that there is better server software for audio than Plex. AssetUPnP or (if you have a lot of classical) MinimServer are the most popular choices of forum members.


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