Unitilite Preamp Out

I’ve seen a s/h Unitilite locally. At the moment I have a Star downstairs and a 202/155 in my home office. I listen to Spotify quite a bit and also have a stupidly large CD collection that I still enjoy playing. I would add a Naim streamer and CD player but cost wise that’s not realistic. With the Unitilite preamp out, could I connect that to the 202? I read the pre-amp out is taken from after the volume control so I guess I would just need to get the right level set on the Unitilite.

Thanks in advance.


The Unitilite will work fine as long as you are careful with volume controls so that your ears don’t get a nasty surprise. A Uniti or Uniti 2 would be better in that they have a line out, but the Lite will still work. You could enable AV bypass on your 202 if you want to use only the Unitilite volume control.

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Thank you Chris.


Hi all

Sorry to resurrect this, but I am (about to be) in the same position, taking the (digital /streaming) output of a Unitilite via pre-amp DIN, into a (new to me) XS3.

I can cope with the line level warning.
I have 2 questions:

  1. Do I use a “standard Naim 4-5 DIN” (not a SNAIC)?
  2. Will I be able to link the Unitlite and the XS3 using a remote cable, to allow app control of the amp? This is possible with the XS3 and - eg - an NDX2, but I am unsure in this instance.

Thanks all.

Yes output on a 4 pin din, input on a 5 pin din. Definitely not a snaic (which also carries power). Part number 00-010-0094.

That (part number) is what I was looking for. Thank you very much.

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