UnitiLite with Quad ESL 57

Just wondering if anyone is running Quad ESL -57s with the UnitiLite’s internal amp?

If so, please comment.

Thanks in advance.

Diogenes, that’s probably quite a rare combination, although I’m sure there are some running ESL57s with Naim amps. I ran 57s with Naim amps in the past with no issues. The amp in the Unitilite is not of high enough current to require current limiting as with the NAP250, so you’ll likely be fine. As ever with ESL57s, just don’t expect to play them loud and get away without issues. If you want (slightly) “louder” 57s then best get another pair and go stacked.

There was a member of the old forum running a pair (side by side because he prefered mono) off a Nait 5i, he loved them but was mainly into classical. He’s long gone now and left in something of a huff though I never knew why. I don’t know if the archive is sufficiantly searchable to find any of his posts but if it is a search there for EL57 should turn something up.

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