I’ve recently bought a Unitilite which I’ve been using as a pre-amp with a pair of Quad QMP monoblocks , a strange combination I know , but it sounds good to my ears . In the manual it says you can use the Uniti with it’s own internal amplifier / as a pre with a separate power amp and the last option using the remote is all three ? Am I right in thinking if I used the last option I could bi amp my PMC Twenty 24 speakers with the Uniti driving the treble and the Quads driving the bass or am I just being a bit silly . Cheers

You could do that, but it probably won’t sound good, especially as the phase relationship between the two amplifier paths would be uncertain.

But I’m not surprised the Quads sound better than the Unitilite’s internal amplifier. I am using a Nova to drive a Quad Artera Stereo amplifier, which is the latest manifestation of that same current dumping design and to me it’s a lot better than the Nova’s internal amplifier.

In another system I’m using a 272 - 250-2 and have tried the 250 with the Uniti and I prefer the Quads over the 250 I’ve also tried the 272/250 with the PMC’s and again I prefer the Quads . In saying that , I think the room works better with the Quads .

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