Does anyone know if the 4 pin out from the pre amplifier is locking or non locking

It is a conventional Naim locking DIN socket.

Are you assuming this or have you had a Unitilite.
I dont know the difference myself and wonder why some cable makers differentiate

You can see it’s a locking din socket. However that doesn’t stop you from using a non locking din plug. In fact for non power din connections it’s best to leave the collar unlocked.

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I have a Unitilite, not in use but still here. It’s as Robert says.

Thank you for your help

Never knew that - what’s the reasoning? You learn something new here every day.

Naim have only used locking DIN sockets for quite a long time now, although their more expensive cables (HiLine, Super Lumina) have non-locking plugs by design.
Some cable manufacturers still offer the old latching plug as an option for people with vintage Naim or other gear.

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Decoupling. The internal boards are sometimes loose by design (supernait, stageline for example), so don’t lock the interconnects as this makes a rigid connection. Keep it loose. Except where power is involved ie hicap / snaic connections.

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