Unitiqute 1 connection with no working screen

Just given my uq1 to my nephew (plus speakers and speaker cable) but the screen has failed (it failed without me realising probably months ago). He has connected with Ethernet cable which I hoped would mean he can get internet radio / tidal working. But it hasn’t connected. Given the screen isn’t working it’s not possible to type in the WiFi password - but I have wired my ndx into a router without it ever being connected via Wifi so I am not sure why it doesn’t just work. He has managed to get music to it via Bluetooth from his phone but that’s not going to be as good as Ethernet I don’t expect. On the plus side, he thinks that the mission 70 mkII speakers I gave him are ace. I did check them this morning and they sounded very funky on the sn3/ndx!

Any ideas what he can do?

He can invest 500quid and arrange the screen. He’s not getting better sound (for the investment ) elsewhere. :sweat_smile::fire:

If he turns off both the router and the Qute, then turns on the router, lets it fully boot up, then turns on the Qute, I think it should pick up the necessary IP address and then work. If not it may need a factory reset. It will be possible to do this by using the right sequence of presses on the remote, but hopefully won’t be necessary. But all is not lost.

Thanks Nigel - I have passed the info on. Just before I did that, he let me know that he managed to get it connected to WiFi - the screen is not completely gone. Still not sure why wiring it wouldn’t Just work when it has for my NDX. He’s more IT savvy than me (wouldn’t be that hard) so I am sure he will work it out. Thanks again!

I think it is less than that (thought it was £350) though haven’t checked officially. But i really cannot suggest to him that he only needs to spend a few hundred quid on something I just gave him Anyway he is up and running on WiFi now

Understand. But I said it in constructive way: he should be grateful for a beautiful gift. And spend just a small amount in exchange of a system that will be capable of tons of pleasure for a number of years. :+1:

At a push, you can use the setup pages in the manual to work out what button presses you need to change settings using the remote.

There is a warning with doing it the way Chris suggests, which is it may be different depending on the firmware version installed and also remembering that the UQ1 doesn’t have the same hardware so some options in setup may be different.



Just my 1p, my screen failed too, i’d already arranged to PX it, powered it up to find the screen dead. Dealer agreed with Naim to get it replaced FOC however.

Does it have the 192 streaming boards? If not, send it off to have this done and mention the failed screen on the job sheet. Screen would be replaced as part of the upgrade.

I paid to have that done 2-3 years ago when it stopped working altogether - the screen was working fine then

I recently enquired about a screen replacement for my UQ1 and here is their response if your son wishes to go down this route.

If you wished to send your UnitiQute back for a display repair and 24/192 upgrade, this would fall under the same fixed cost. I would say that the upgrade is certainly worth it as it will give you access to Tidal and Spotify high quality streaming. You can also request a service at the same time which again will fall under the same cost, the service team will then test all components and capacitors to ensure everything is performing as it should. Anything that isn’t will be replaced.

The service/repair cost is £330.00 including VAT + postage. To arrange this, you will need to get the unit in to your local retailer, explain you would like the above work carried out and they will arrange for it to be sent back.

May be worth considering with the added streaming benefits,

I obviously explained myself either badly or not at all - I had the conversion to the higher level of streaming around 3 years ago when it needed to go back for a repair anyway. So that’s already done (he told me he has got tidal working on a trial now) and no option to get the screen repaired in that way

Sorry, hadn’t read your posts correctly.

No need to apologise :blush:

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