UnitiQute 1 not working after update

Hi @NeilS,

Thanks for the reply.

I can confirm that tonight I was able to install both firmware 3.22 and 4.3 without any problems.

Unfortunately, after each update, when I access the app, this home page is always present

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It is an unusual state - the fact that it is getting an IP address & showing these symptoms.
That’s why I suspect a hardware issue.
Unfortunately I’m cautious of overstepping the forum rules regarding DIY fixes & suggest if you wish to pursue a repair, you have it looked at by somebody who knows what they are doing.

Apologies for “gracefully” bowing out!



Hi @NeilS,
I opened the qute to take some pictures, maybe it can be useful to make an initial diagnosis.
The DAB card seems damaged to me.
I might try unplugging it.
I don’t have a person who could help me here in Italy so, if possible, I could send it to Salisbury.
I have already written to Naim support. Ticket number 151394

DAB card

The unit will not function without the tuner module fitted, it would cause a fault 10 condition.
If you decide to send it to Salisbury, there’s a good chance we could get it working, but we would be unable to replace the screen.


Hi @NeilS,

can you send me a quote for the repair of my qute by replying to the email I sent to support?

Thank you very much for the time you have dedicated to me

To save @NeilS having to explain, he is posting here in his private capacity and in his own time. He isn’t allowed to do what you ask him to.

If you want an item serviced by Naim in Salisbury then you have to find a Naim dealer who then contacts the factory and discusses the repair with them, getting a quote or estimate. If you accept that price then the dealer has to handle the return for you. Naim won’t accept anything direct from end customers.

If you are not in UK then your country or region distributor may be able to quote for a repair but as this is such an odd case, I think it likely it would need to go back to Naim.

To be frank, as the screen is not working and can’t be repaired, I think you may find it cheaper and in any case better value to buy a fully working UQ2 on the second hand market and try to sell your broken UQ1 for its parts.


Thank You @davidhendon

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