Unitiqute 1 streaming services

I have an old UnitiQute system which is working quite well.
I listen to my music from either the usb port or streaming from my Nas

My wife only uses it to listen to CalmRadio channels (paid subscription) inthe kitchen. These urls are added via the vtuner login and appear on the iRadio section of the app. I would rather not pay the CalmRadio subscription and instead maybe buy a subscription for eg Spotify or Tidal etc where I could listen to some random playlists in my car and discover more music, basically for free.

Since mine is the original UnitiQute my unit does not have native Spotify/Tidal support.
Is it possible to add a url from one of these streaming services for a (eg) chillout playlist she can listen to in the kitchen without my laptop being turned on and logged into Spotify.? My Nas doesn’t have external access and I wish to keep it secure that way. I can’t find anywhere on either Spotify or Tidal where this can be done so hoping that some users here could help me out.

No. You can’t get Spotify or Tidal on a Unitiqute unless it has the 192/24 board, which could have been retrofitted but if not then it’s too late now as they are no longer available.

If you do have the 192/24 board, you also would need the latest firmware for Unitiqute for Tidal (4.8) although Spotify should work on 4.3 I believe.

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However for £299 you can add the nad cs1 which will give you access to everything, tidal, Spotify, you name it.

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Ok thanks for the replies.
I don’t have that upgraded board.
I will look into the separate streaming device but may switch to an atom all together as I only want one device doing all the work!
Thanks for quick replies

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In that case, and if you’re UK based, definitely look into the current trade in deal being offered. £300 for your UQ1, not necessarily what you might get for it on eBay, but could be worth a look. Check the locked thread in HiFi corner

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I could be wrong, but I think the way it works is simply £300 discount if you can prove you own a unitiqute. I’m not sure the dealers get the unitiqute as trade in as part of the deal.

In my opinion the uq1 is worth a lot more than £300. There might be a better return if selling privately, but I think they are superb boxes and I’d keep mine even if offered a swap to an atom.


OR if you are very happy with the UQ why not buy a secondhand UQ2 which often with a new screen fitted. It really depends if you want/need all the other functionality of the Atom.

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Your other option, as you have a NAS, is installing something like BubbleUPnP. I use that on a Mac Mini (the bubble website has instructions for NAS installation). Together with the bubble app on your (android) phone it can be used to stream from e.g Qobuz to your UQ1.

That’s what I use with my UQ1 (which I also love to bits @robert_h - I was only giving the OP options with the trade in scheme as they’re new here and might not have come across it. I also think a UQ1 is worth more than £300, but it does take selling it yourself on a trading site which not everyone wants to get involved with :slight_smile: )

Below is how it is presented on my phone

And how it presents Qobuz:

Works just fine, no increase in box count.

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