Unitiqute 2 and Spotify

Why Unitiqute 2 gives me Spotify sealed and if I try to switch to Premium it won’t let me?

What do you see when you select the output device in the Spotify app?

Not sure what « sealed » means in this context, but I’m running Spotify Premium on both my old Qute 1 and SU without problem.

I’m driving the show from my phone or iPad. This is what I see.

I see all the devices in the clear while Unitiqute is darkened like your MU.SO.

What do you have Apple or Android?

iPhone and IPad.
Spotify and all my audio and Apple devices are updated to the latest firmware/version.

I never saw a grey out device like you and Robert have.
I am running Premium since long time but I don’t remember having that kind of problem.

Other then blind guess like log out/log in. Un install / Re install. I won’t be more much help I’m afraid.

(Actually Tydal is much more unstable and less friendly user if you ask me. But that’s another topic)

Spotify doesn’t even upgrade to premium to me

Have you tried login to Spotify via your web browser?
It might offer better view and maybe be less buggy?

I’ll try now

I succeeded I connected with Spotify, thank you

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