Unitiqute 2 display blank

I’m wondering if Naim or someone else can provide a UnitiQute 2 menu schematic or guide to get to certain settings. I just moved my UnitiQute 2 to another room (I know I should have set it up to have a static IP on my network) and now can’t access the menu as my screen burned out a few months back. I have the network hard-wired, but there is no way for me to know which of the 30 or so hardwired addresses is the UnitiQute 2. I tried adding to the app one at a time, but still couldn’t find it so am thinking network setup needs a tweak. Short of taking it in for screen repair, and waiting a month + for it to get done, I’m kind of stuck. I can use my IFI Zen on a digital input and turntable, but can’t access radio or UPNP. Anyways a menu schematic would sure be helpful.

It might depend on what firmware version you are on.

Both my UQ2 and NDX screens have been dead for a while. One trick I found is that although they appear totally dead, if you look at the screen through your phone camera in a truly pitch dark room (not just evening dark but really block out all other light sources), you can vaguely make out the menu.

I actually learned this from one of my kids when they said they learned at school that you can see infrared from a remote control if viewed from your smartphone camera. I thought, “what else can it pick up?” and sure enough, it is able to pick up some faint light off the dead OLED that our eyes cannot.


Cool! It’s still afternoon here, but my blinds are black out. I couldn’t see much through my phone, but once my eyes adjusted I was able to see “Net” and things got clearer from there. I’m all set now! Thanks a bunch! Time to make this IP static!

You should not need to know the ip address of the uq2. These are found automatically in the app; don’t click on “set up new device”. Click on “use existing device” even if it’s brand new and you’ve never used it before, this is the correct way to link the Naim app with a uq2.

Cant you just look on your router for what the IP is?