Unitiqute 2 VS Linn Majik DS

Hi guys,

I use a Linn Majik DS as both streamer and DAC today. It is working together with Hicap, NAC82 and NAP200. Speakers Dynaudio Focus 160 on Stand 3X.

How will a Unitiqute stack up against it? I guess I would bypass the pre in UQ2 (if possible) and use the internal DAC and the streamer.

Maybe also the pre out (if possible when bypassing the pre?) for sub.



Hi Thomas
The Unitiqute is great as a one box player, but it has its limitations when compared to a grown-up separates system. Also it has no line out, only a pre out, so the signal always passes through its preamp.

Remember also that these older streamers have dated tech which, depending on what you use it for, may show its limitations compared to more modern alternatives.

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If you’re thinking of affordable second hand Naim bits already, the ND5XS seems like so much more of a logical box for your setup.

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I stuck my nap200 in between my super Uniti 2 and speakers and was mighty pleased with the sq- maybe try same with your Uniti quite- naim don’t make a shoddy pre

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Doubt a UQ is an obvious solution, you can however bypass the amp section.
No experience with Majik but Linn is reputed to make good streamers.

Using UQ makes sense if you want a compact Radio/streamer/Dac/Amp.

Getting a separate streamer seem more logically into 82/HC/200

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Thanks for your replys, guys. I think you’re right. Either a nDAC in co-op with the Linn or a ND5XS(2) replacing the Linn is the more favourable choice in the setup.


Sounds magic - why would you want to change it?

What is the problem and what are you trying to achieve?

Those Dyn 160 speakers are great, could improve with 135’s for example.
Maybe a turntable if not already in setup.

Hi PerF,

135 what?

I have a Pro-Ject 1Xpression with a Ortofon 2M Black Running through a Naim Stageline N.


I do not know until I hear it - what I want to achieve. There is no problem to be solved. Just interested in you guys’ opinions on the UQ2 because I had one available at a decent price.


Sorry, Nap 135 monoamps.

If the UQ2 you mention at decent price is serviced with new screen ?
I’d just get it anyway.
My own UQ run as radio only in the office, need a new screen again unfortunately.

I haven’t reached out to the seller. Don’t know if it has been serviced.

At what pricepoint can I find the monoblocks you reckon?

No real idea of todays value - maybe lower than a 250DR, CB kit tend to keep good prices, not sure about Olive.
Service files are important, not easy and cheap to get things serviced if your outside UK.
My Nap 135 were less than €2000 and fresh serviced, used them for years and sold on without loss.
Thats long ago.

UQ2 is a dis-continued product and no Qobuz (that’s a no no for me). Your Majik DS is still supported and updated regularly no matter how old including recently Airable radio. I have a Majik DS/1 which I might only change it for a Klimax !

Refrained from commenting before.

I’m currently running a Linn majik ds into a ndac / ps555 and there’s something about the timing that really works for me. It’s temporary arrangement but reminds me of my old ikemi from years ago. when I changed to a cdx2 it was bigger and more exciting but always found myself missing the ikemi.
Linn really know how to make a good source and extract the ones and zeros and the majik ds is no exception but adding an external dac takes it to another level giving the best of both worlds.

Thanks. I am looking for stuff on a regular basis, just to see what is out there. Happy with the NAP200 tho :slight_smile:

nDAC is on my radar! Should be pretty interessant to hear what it can do compared to the onboard DAC in the Majik.

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Qobuz is not important. But thanks, I understand that the Majik DS is a really good piece of gear.

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