Unitiqute 2 vs Star with Tidal

Simple question. When i stream with Tidal via the Naim app on Unitiqute 2, i kave Flac 44.1 kHz- 812 kbit/s. (range btwn 600 kbit/s to 1000 kbit/s) With the Star, It is always 44.1/16 Bits. Is that normal? Is the Bandwith is more powerful with the Star? Do you think It’s make a big difference in term of SQ?

Trying to find an answer on that subject on the forum and didn’t find any post on that.


FLAC stands for Free Lossless Audio Compression and when radio stations broadcast in CD quality they compress the files without quality loss from 1441 kb/s using FLAC to whatever kb/s are needed to reproduce “red book” cd quality without loss in sound quality. The complexity of the musical file determines the kb/s needed to do this, hence the variability of the stream from 600 - 1000kb/s. The reduction in streaming bit rate reduces bandwidth requirements and data use. On a local device this compression isn’t needed and can use WAV file quality, hence your Star playing at full CD quality.

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