UnitiQute 2 without Bluetooth

Hi, I have two Unitiqute 2’s. I was so happy with the first one, I bought another one second hand for my office. However, despite that both are Unitiqute 2’s, the one I just acquired has no bluetooth antenna connection. Did the earlier 2’s not have bluetooth connectivity? If so, am I about to discover some new surprises, like it doesn’t support native Tidal?

Here you go…

All Unitiqute 2s support Tidal if you put the latest firmware on them.

Thanks Richard,

That link seems to suggest that with the introduction of the UnitiQute 2, it will have bluetooth and Spotify Connect. But is that true? Because I have a UnitiQute 2 which does not seem to have Bluetooth. Did this have a change within production of this model?

If you read it again you’ll see that the UQ2 had already been available for some time before this BT update announcement.

The UQ2 spec is a bit buried but managed to locate.

A good work around is to get a Chromecast and use the optical out into the Unitiqute DAC. Not a bad alternative this is what I use.

Thanks for the link to the spec page on that. Interestingly, that one must not refer to the Unitiqute 2’s that first came off the line because it references bluetooth capability (which mine does not seem to have). And yet, the picture on the webpage shows just one aerial popping up on the back of the unit. I wonder if it possible that that generation of 2’s had bluetooth, but did not need an external aerial?

The chromecast is basically a bluetooth receiver that will output a digital signal?

The first Unitiqute 2s didn’t have Bluetooth. The spec on the web page would have been updated once Bluetooth was added.

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