Unitiqute 24/96 (V1)

Hi all

Quick question can the original unitiqute 24/96 do multiroom?
Thinking of purchasing one from TomTom; no good if it can’t :grimacing::relaxed:


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It will work as a multiroom client, but not as a multiroom server. So as long as you have at least one 24/192 capable or current gen. streamer on your network it should be fine.
Also make sure it’s not still running very old firmware, but I dare say Tomtom can take care of that for you.


Thanks @ChrisSU
as always, you covered all possible fronts and explained the different possibilities in an understandable way…

Many thanks to both of you.
It’ll be just used, with the rest (NDX, Muso & Muso QB) via NAS drive. Just to be safe I asked/confirmed with TomTom & it’ll hopefully be arriving on Thursday.
Again many thanks.

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