Unitiqute … a reentry to the Naimosphere?

This year saw an epochal shift in the main system here at SBC Towers… off to happy homes went the 5italic & the superb NAT05. Radio is by far the largest part of my listening life, hence the shift to a remarkable & rare Magnum Dynalab MD208…. No shortage of PRaT, can confirm.

Ditto the Muso… overkill for what I was using it for, prompting a return to two-channel in the modest media room I have.

Hence… might a Gen. 1 Unitiqute be ample for Castle Compact Columns, work as a Muso replacement?

Bluetooth not used, will feed with optical from an Apple Airport & radio from another fine Magnum tuner, line output from an iPad.

Plan B is a Supernait….

Note, the only thing I disliked about the 5i was the sharp pop through the speakers powering up. Would be good if the Uniti didn’t do the same.

Thanks all in advance

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A fine little device in my experience but be aware the displays fade over time and cannot be replaced easily (if at all?). You only really need it for initial setup though because you can run everything from the app after that of course.

They are very good value. Adding a cheap s/h power amp kicks the performance up too. I did this before acquiring an Atom (which is another level entirely).


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I have a Unitiqute as well. The screen went and a Naim can’t replace them anymore but there is a gentleman from France via EBay who can advise. I did this and the green light shines bright. I opted for the Chromecast optical out into the Qute then to the 82 playing Spotify. Does me for the time being.

‘Naim can’t replace them anymore’ - since when?

I picked up a s/h UQ that had its screen replaced late last year. Where are you getting this information?

My understanding is that the original streamers with the 24/96 boards can’t be upgraded anymore as they need to have the board upgraded to accomodate a software change and there is no more stock.

Later versions with the 24/192 boards can still be upgraded.

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In addition to that constraint, the newer boards seem also to have run out, so you cannot upgrade the board to allow for a screen replacement (which used to be an option as well)

I just re-read your post @trickydickie - sorry if that’s exactly what you meant! :slight_smile:

I would strongly advise a Unitiqute 2 rather than a UQ, for all the reasons given above, which are indeed the current situation. Naim can’t build more 192/24 upgrade boards because the processor chip is no longer available.

For the OP. To clarify, the Qute 2 was always 24/192, the Qute 1s were 96/24 at launch but some were upgraded later and the last in the line were sold with that board as a cost option. Best to check any serial no with Naim service dept if any uncertainty.


Edited, thanks

I contacted an official Naim repairer who said the screens for the Unitiqute 1 are no longer available. I bought one from a well known auction site and fitted it myself

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The French Connection works pretty well - it’s not hard to do. Do read the directions first and don’t go starting to take things apart inside like I did.

I will be honest - I don’t think the UQ series is Naim’s best - a lot of VFM, but I sold my UQ2 and replaced it with an io/Mojo combo which I think is much better and has a phono section. Also, my phone is a better wifi receiver than the UQ2, which isn’t that great.

Burn the witch! (btw, UQs need a hard-wired connection to shine)

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Thanks for the screen info I’ve owned three UQ2’s and still use one as a temporary streaming source connected to a Linx Nebula integrated which is a waste I know but once I get another streamer sorted the Qute will go into the bedroom.

The Qute is a real Naim classic both in design and in sound just hook up some speakers and your away as was mentioned above a wired connection to the internet is best.

I’m ok being a witch here - but regardless of streaming I think the io is better than the UQ as an amp…

I think the io is today’s Nait…

I say this as a pretty heavy Naim fanboy…

I do think the UQ/2 is cool…a lot of VFM…considering used prices esp…

Of course, I was just teasing. I’m sure the Rega IO is a fine amp, though I’ve never heard it.

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