Unitiqute and nas

hello everyone … my unitiqute doesn’t want to know about working with synology ds112 nas … can you recommend a simple nas that works well with naim? … Western digital … lacie … qnap … other … ??
thank you all…

Perhaps you could give some details of your issue?

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after 2 weeks of trying … the naim app doesn’t recognize the synology in any way … before i had a lacie that worked perfectly but it’s a discontinued model

now I have already disconnected the synology and I have decided to try other nas

You really arnt being clear. Have you set up the required upnp server on the nas?

That is how a unitiqute ‘sees’ a nas.

The Unitiqute will be looking for a UPnP server, not a NAS, although most people run their UPnP server on a NAS. Your Synology NAS will have the Synology server bundled with it, which is a bit basic, but still works fine, and probably you just need to enable it.
Alternative servers that work well for music are Asset or Minimserver. Both of these work well on a Synology NAS, so if the basic Synology server isn’t to your liking, I would recommend one of those.


ok…i will try…thank you Chris…

If you log into the Synology, go to Package Cantre, and you’ll see Media Server. Install it, and it will scan your misic files, then your streamer should see them.
If you had a NAS that worked before, it probably has a media server on it that was switched on by default.

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