UnitiQute as a preamp

Hi guys, I’m trying to figure if my Qute 2 can be a good preamp with my NAP200.

I already have 2 Naim systems: the first with NAC122X/Flatcap2X/NAP200, the second one is the UnitiQute 2.

In the main system, I have a subwoofer to help my Sonus Faber bookshelves speakers under 45 Hz; it means that it’s ok with 122X but I will have to use a 2xRCA splitter by Audioquest with the Qute…

It may be more easy to use with the Qute, and I can save some money and space selling NAC + Flatcap… considering that my Qute is now underused !

Splitting the RCA output and expecting it to drive two cables (one of which will presumably be quite long) is likely to severely compromise the Unitiqute.
Does your sub have a high level input? Better to use that off the speakers or power amp if you can.

Thanks for your answer… I have an Antimode to adjust my sub to my room, so cables will be quite short (0,5 and 1m).

Is the idea to consolidate into one system? As a preamp the Qute is not as good as the 122x and Flatcap. Then there is the source to consider; what do you use with the 122x/200?

If it’s not as good, I think I will prefer the NAC+Flatcap… my sources:

  • Rega P1
  • Arcam CD92
  • Aries Mini (with Roon).

Id definitely keep the 122/fc, which is a really nice preamp. Leave the Qute as a one box setup, or sell it if you no longer need two systems.

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