Unitiqute gives a "28 bridgeco boot fail"

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Hope you are doing well and thank you already for looking into my issue. After having replaced the front display a few years back (a topic I had then), I now have a new problem. My Unitiqute displays indicated an issue " 28 bridgeco boot fail". Now I haven’t found a lot about this issue on the internet so I guess it is a bit rare. But basically nothing works properly. Volume cannot be changed anymore, channels can be changed at the beginning but once the display says " bridgeco boot fail" it freezes. App doesn’t work anymore (cannot connect). I would like to know if this is the moment you have to throw away this beautiful product and start looking for something else. Or can this be fixed? Any comment would be much appreciated. I am not looking forward spending thousands to buy a new product as it worked perfectly before.

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Giliam (the Netherlands)

Have you tried turning it off and then on again? If that doesn’t work then you should contact your Naim dealer. It can be fixed so there is no need to buy something new. You will probably need to pay for any repair.

Thanks for the swift reply. I turned it off and on multiple times, even leaving it off for hours. So that doesn’t do the trick.
But do you know what it is? I simply do not know why it is mentioned on the display. And that is annoying…

Bridgeco is a chip on the streaming PCB. If rebooting doesn’t work you must contact your dealer, who will take advice from Naim and organise whatever fix is needed.

Hello Giliam, sorry to hear about your Unitiqute … I’m also located in the Netherlands and my experiences with Dutch Distributor Latham are excellent. I suggest giving them a call tomorrow and see if they are able to clarify things for you.

Giliam, I would get in touch with the local distributor (Latham) or with Naim support.

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