Unitiqute Mk1 streaming problems

This is my 3rd Qute but first Mk1 and I’m having a couple of issues.

I have a turntable connected which is recognised by the Naim app and plays fine and without issue but the internet radio only has 3 presets possibly from the previous owner but won’t load or can’t find any other stations. I just get the buffering symbol but nothing else.

Also I’ve connected a USB stick to the front though it’s recognised all of my files and says they are added none will play.

I’m wondering if I should return everything to factory settings and start from scratch.

Yes that would be my thought, who knows what settings you’ve inherited from the previous owner?

Yup, I would reset the unit and start afresh.

Thanks I will do that and get back to you. I have to say though with the Planar 8 as a source and with the budget Dynadudio Emit10 speakers that little amp sounds very nice indeed the Qute is up there with my favourite Naim products.

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Thanks everyone it was as simple as that everything now as it should be.

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