Unitiqute remote to control Nait XS


Is it possible to program Unitiqute remote in order to control Nait XS ?
I have UQ + Chord 2 Qute + Nait XS and I need to use 2 remote units to control the system, which is a pain. I would like UQ remote to control XS volume. Is that possible?

AFAIK, it’s not possible unless you use a suitably programmed Universal remote. However, there is a cheat you could try although it means losing the Chord 2 Qute; You could connect the UQ pre-out to the AV input on the NAIT XS and set the AV input to unity gain so the NAIT just acts as a power amp on that input. Then you can control volume via the UQ remote control.

I know that but I have just bought 2Qute to improve UQ, so… it doesn’t make sense to do that.

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