Unitiqute w NAP100

Anyone running a UQ (either 1 or 2) with a NAP100? If so, what’s the consensus on any uplift in sound from a naked UQ? A NAP100 is not something I need, but one might be available at the right price. And I can’t help but tinker…

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Yes but tbh the qute is fine without.


I ran a qute 2 with a nap 100 years ago. Worked well but I’m not sure I’d bother now. The qute 2 is the one piece of Naim gear I wish I’d kept

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but did it sound better w the NAP?

I had this combination some time ago. In hindsight the NAP100 doesn’t add a lot. The UQ2 is pretty good as it is, bit of a classic in many regards - it “just sounds right”.

Moving to a Uniti2 would be a better option I think - I had one of those as well, and it was quite a bit better than the UQ2/100 setup.


It’s doesn’t add a huge amount I would say

The NAP100 is a lovely amp but I would leave the UQ as a standalone, the 100 changes the fun and what the UQ is all about.


Definitely moving to a UQ2 - you’d be amazed how hard it is to find one. At least here in DE.

Don’t really need to add the NAP given the comments here. If it was a resounding ‘go for it, it’s great’ I would have - but sounds like it’s sideways / downwards move so can give it a pass.

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changes the fun in what way? sonically, or overcomplicating a super one-box solution with more boxes?

Sonically, during the kit downgrading years I tried the UQ/100 and always returned to running the UQ (owned two UQ setups at the same time, different rooms) as a standalone. The last time I sold on one of the UQs and ended purchasing a 272 ran the 272/100 for a while, nice 1.5 combo.

The 272 has a lot to answer for as I eventually ended up with a full 500 amp setup :grin:


great inputs, thanks

I discussed this with my dealer a while back. Their view was that if you were pairing the Qute with speakers a little beyond it’s ability to drive well but otherwise a good price level a quality match, a 100 used with the qute to passively biamp is a perfectly good solution.

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