UnitiQute2/NAP100/DACV1 with PMC 20.21 as a second system will be placed in my bedroom near future - small room almost 12squre meters.

After a few demos last month (source Uniti Atom) with: Spendor A1, Spendor Classic 4/5, ATC 7, Harbeth P3ESR Original, ProAc Tablet 10 I am not sure which one match better NAP 100. I listen all kind of music from rock, jazz and classical and PMC 20.21 for me are almost perfect then ATC SCM 7 very, very good - but this is a bedroom so music will be playing in a low volume mostly to relax and also during night (sleep better) as well. Looking for natural sounds and listening “field” from speakers will be small.

Speakers will be placed in a shelf close to wall. And next month I will have a demo with ATC SCM 11 vs ProAc SM 100. And my question is do You have any experience with SM Studio and ATC 11 with amp up to 50W output? And for any comments I will be really grateful. Rgds, Jeremi :anchor:

@Jeremi : Mu-so.

I tried ATC 11’s (older gen) with a UQ once. They take a lot of power to ‘come alive’ so not good for low level listening unless one has a much bigger amp. You need more efficient speakers in order to sound good at lower levels. Not heard the Proacs.

You are right. This Friday I will have a next demo to compare ATC SCM 11 with ProAc Studio SM 100 and Harbeth P3ESR XD (I had an oryginal a few years ago and sold them) vs mine PMC 20.21. I feel that PMC 20.21 will match my expectations again… Actually nobody else replied for my post - probably most of us are excited new classic 250 and 350 kits💰

After two hours demo session I choose PMC 20.21…

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