UnitiQute2 Spotify Integration

I’m looking at buying a used UnitiQute 2, mainly for streaming via Spotify.

Current owner of it says screen is all but done so is difficult to navigate anything on the unit itself.

My question is, how do I stream via Spotify to it if I can’t see the screen - is it all done through the app?

I had UQ2 for some years as second system and then upgraded to Atom so I could go from Spotify to full Qobuz integration. Spotify connect is the way to integrate with UQ2 so it is the paid version. Can run from any instance of Spotify app that is on same network as UQ2 - just direct it from that instance to play on UQ2 and ta-da BYA - no need to use the front panel at all

Some of the setup options are only visible on the screen and you navigate with the remote control, you can’t do it all in the app.
I think the Naim replacement price is £149. Or thereabouts .

Understood thanks.

Just looked at the instructions about setting up Spotify Connect on the Qute 2 and it does say to need to enable it from within the menu on-screen to begin with so if you’re unable to see the screen, I guess there’s now ay of initiating Spotify to begin with.

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