Unitiserve App crashes

When I try to open the n-Serve app on my iPhone (iOS 16.4) it crashes out and refuses to open but I can open it on my iPad (also iOS 16.4) without problems. This obviously is annoying rather than anything else but I am bothered by it

I just tried it on my iPhone XS with IOS 16.4 and it didn’t crash, although I don’t have a Unitiserve any more so I couldn’t test it thoroughly.

I suggest you delete the n-serve app, then restart your iPhone and reinstall n-serve.

If it still crashes then post again here, but do please mention which iPhone you are running.

Re installed the app several times to no avail I’m using an iPhone XR with 128Gb with 89.84Gb storage space available. Had the problem on OS 16.3 and had hoped OS 16.4 would fix it. It didn’t What happens is the app opens for about a second, albums screen, then immediately shuts down

I suggest that you email Naim technical support and tell them. I doubt that anyone in Salisbury is monitoring whether n-serve is affected by IOS changes on every model of old iPhone and it will probably be news to them that the iPhone XR is affected with this problem.

Almost certainly the fix would involve an update for the n-serve app and whether they would do that now is something I don’t know.

@davidhendon I saw your first response and since I have a couple of iPhones plus iPad 3 gen, I updated one iPhone which by chance is an XR, from 16.2 to 16.4 last evening.
Checked n-serve, absolutely nothing unusual at all; all as expected.

Two thoughts for the op @Eddie my device did ask for agreement to connect to devices. If you are not allowing this, that may be one cause. I’m not sure I know how to do it manually, without checking.

Second, no mention of connecting to the US - does the Naim iOS app connect and stream. Useful to have details of your setup and of the style of US - HDD or SSD?

If you are still having problems, I would suggest try a full Reset on iPhone. Failing that, take a full backup and then do a total restore.

Thank you Did a phone reset and the app is now. Back functioning.

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