Unitiserve - Connectivity Issues

I have a 500 system but still have a Unitiserve (US) which I bought 15 years ago. For the past few years I have only used the US to play an occasional CD as I have a ripped library , a lot of Vinyl and I subscribe to Roon, Tidal & Spotify.
However, for various reasons I now have a fair amount of CD’s I would like to Rip but when I try to use the US to do that I encounter two problems :
• The US will be online then go off line – I have no other network issues
• Rips will stall or be incomplete even though the US is showing as on-line
I am on the latest software 1.7 . I have enabled SMB1 for the DTC. The lights are flashing on the Network socket on the US. I have not set up a fixed IP address but when it does connect the US is on the same IP address, and I am at a loss!
I realise its a shot in the dark but if anyone has any thoughts/insights id love to hear them . Thanks in advance.

The latest firmware is 1.7c. The c is important.

Normally I would see an incomplete rip as either a problem with the number of errors the rip is accumulating due to a mechanical issue with the CD drive or that the US is unable to save a complete rip because the hard disc is full. When it goes off line, is that just when you are ripping? Can you play back existing rips reliably?