Unitiserve, deleting files?

Now there is no web interface how do I delete music files from the unitiserve?

I can presumably delete the files via the PC share but how does that affect the database on the unitiserve, or do I just delete via the PC and then run the rebuild db?

if you have the app installed on your pc you do it from there, the pc app whilst looking like something from windows 98, is at least, not flash.

I have the pc app but cant see a way to delete anything other than mp3 files.

Ah sorry perhaps not then, I have to say i got rid of the NS02 a long time ago. The reality is unitiserve, hdx etc are coming up to octogenarian stage in computer age, you might be reliant on naim updating, but I wouldn’t bet on it. The browser was based on Flash, I dont see them rewriting it at this stage.

Perhaps someone else will know how to delete from the desktop app.

On a Mac you can delete an album in N-Serve. You just control-click on it and select delete from the dropdown list. I presume you can do something similar on the Windows DTC?
Don’t navigate to the file on a computer and delete it that way, you’ll damage the database.

I was looking to delete the whole directory prior to selling, but thanks for this. I have now selected the albums individually and deleted them.

You may also want to empty the ‘Recycle Bin’ to completely clear them from the hard drive. Again, this will be somewhere in the Windows DTC.

Good point Ta.


You can still get the Flash UI to work via this route:



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Thanks Steve.

Excellent support.

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