Unitiserve HDD battery replacement

How do I open my Unitiserve to replace the battery

You have to unscrew the feet and very carefully slide the chassis out of the case.

You may wish to read one of the threads on this, such as this one here;

It’s not quite that simple:

“But then you have to reset the CMOS and to do that you need a VGA screen and a PS/2 or USB keyboard.”

See the thread referred to by Richard, above.

Also be very careful what you touch. You have to take ESD precautions, basically keeping yourself earthed if you going anywhere near the computer board.

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Thank you for the reply
I changed the battery , keeping earthed .
Went through reset in previous post , changed date and time . when I leave set up page the light still keeps flashing .
I return to set up and time and date are saved , Y to load Naim defaults , Save& Exit entered .
Screen goes blank and Unitiserve light continues to flash

It should start up normally once you have Naim defaults loaded. Have you tried taking the power off, waiting for half a minute and then plugging it in again? If it still won’t start then you have a different problem to the battery and you are probably going to need to send it back to Naim I fear.

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