Unitiserve keeps shutting down

I have recently purchased a second hand Unitiserve and having ripped about a dozen CDs, the unit now continually shuts itself down. On start-up, the logo flashes as it should but then almost immediately goes into shut-down mode, the logo flashing slightly slower and the unit then powering down. Can anyone shed any light on this?

I had a similar problem with my ‘Serve when about 18 months old. It was returned to Naim under warranty, and turned out to be a faulty Bios battery which was preventing full boot up.

Sounds like a fault mode, I would get in touch with the seller or Naim service dept.

It’s an expensive fix (£300 plus) because Naim charge a fixed price for servicing Unitiserve so I would go back to the seller first.


Thanks guys. I figured it wouldn’t be cheap whatever the issue. Is the Unitiserve particularly sensitive to internet signal strength?

Unless you are using it for iRadio, the only thing it needs an internet connection for is metadata retrieval when you rip CDs, so its demands are very low. Or did you mean the signal in your own home network?

How old is the Unitiserve? Does it have a 1 or 2TB drive?

2TB from 2013. I ask as it gave me a spell of working properly this morning for about an hour or so, but has now started ejecting CDs randomly mid rip.

Sounds like it’s time to return to seller for a refund, assuming that’s possible. Was it a private deal?

Are these regular CDs that work OK on other devices? Not CD-R, or CDs with DRM applied. If not, sounds like the US will need some attention.

Just come to the same conclusion and have informed seller, Lotus-Hifi. Thanks guys.

Original CDs Chris. I’m returning the unit to the seller.

Probably a good decision. I’ve been happy with my Unitiserve which is still going strong after nearly 7 years, but best not to take any chances with a used one. If you bought through an authorised Naim dealer you might be able to get them to fix it, but I don’t think Lotus are.

For the kind of money a second hand Unitiserve costs I think there are better alternatives both in terms of functionality and cost. I would have a look at the Innuos Zen Mini.
My Unitiserve died after two and a half years, dreaded flashing green light, sent back to Naim for repair then I traded it for an Innous server.

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