Unitiserve NetBios domain Name

I have had a US 2TB and ripped all my CDs with out to much fuss except setting up stores for backup. I managed to configure a NAS store a few years ago and seemed to work well doing backups via the desktop app. As I stopped buying cds it became a housekeeping task until recently I started to add to my cd selection again.
To my surprise my backups have been falling for several months and it seems that the stores are now showing offline even though that is not the case .

Some reading I am doing it could be related to cutting over to windows 11 - not sure.

I decided to get a sepearated usb ssd to act as a dedicated backu p but I am still getting the same issue for the store with the US saying it is offline when it’s not.

I can see that the US has a Domain name of NAIM where as my lab uses workgroups. I have tried setting up the domain name s NAIM for the drive so was in synch with the US - no joy.

I would like to change the US domain name to the same as the LAN ie workgroup so everything is consistent but cannot see how I can edit the US domain name.

  1. am I able to change the domain name on the US. If so how
  2. should I be looking at another solution to resolve the offline issue.

Bit frustrating as it was all working upto about a year ago, now I am spending to much time on this and maybe :thinking: need to write off this investment and move the files somewhere else and rip using another tool / hardware. Reviews of Unti Core aren’t encouraging….

Appreciate peoples ideas for this one ….

I think you are on the wrong path here. I have never heard of anyone needing to edit the US NetBios domain name.

But what you do need to be able to talk the US music store is the SMB1 service. This is not routinely enabled in Windows 11 and you will have to do that. There are lots of web resources to tell you how. Microsoft never issued a patch for Windows XP (which the US uses) to work with SMB2 or 3 so this is unavoidable.

Similarly any NAS you want to talk to the US has to have SMB 1 enabled. Most NASs disable it as default these days.

The UnitiCore doesn’t have this problem by the way.

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Thanks for the lead. I have checked both my PC and QNAP to make sure that SMB is enabled , seems they insist on SMB3. Have enabled those and rebooted everything including the US.

Unfortunately this has not impacted the issue I am seeing - see below

SMB3 is no use to the Unitiserve. As I said before it requires SMB1. The version of Windows it uses (XP embedded) simply didn’t know about SMB2 or SMB3 and it was never patched by Microsoft. So the Unitiserve will only work with SMB1.

You can run SMB1 on a windows 10 or 11 PC, but you will need to install it and it is highly deprecated by Microsoft for security reasons, so you will get multiple warnings when you run the SMB1 service.

Similarly you will need to enable SMB1 in your NAS too, for the same reason.

I am not aware of any way round the requirement to run SMB1.