Unitiserve not worth buying?

I recently replaced my 2TB Unitiserve with a 2TB SSD Uniticore that I picked up for a decent price on the used market. The Uniticore is much easier to work with and has managed to rip some CDs that the Unitiserve had rejected. This included multilayer CDs with DSD and SACD. In this case I was able to successfully rip the music into FLAC without issue.

My problem is disposing of the Unitiserve. It has a standard HDD and is up to date with its firmware, but I can’t seem to find anyone interested in buying it on the used market. Can it be paired with non-Naim equipment as a ripper/storage device and CD player or am I fated to holding on to something that has no use outside the Naim universe.

It will work fine with non Naim equipment, simply being controlled by the nServe app. But it’s rather outdated and has its idiosyncrasies so may not have great appeal beyond Naim owners. That said, more or less anything will sell if the price is right. Where are you trying to sell it?

Auctionsite, 500 pounds should shift it. They are being advertised for more 700 ish pounds but I’m not sure how many are selling.

The UPnP server will work with any streamer that supports UPnP, which virtually all do, regardless of brand. There’s also the digital out (coax or optical) which will work into any DAC, so it certainly isn’t restricted to Naim systems.
Sure, it’s showing its age now, and that will affect its value, but someone will buy it if the price is right.
Have a look at Completed Listings on ebay and you’ll see what the going rate is.

Would members please respect forum rules with regard to references to items for sale. Thank you.


I sold a very good condition Unitiserve to a dealer in pre-loved hifi in UK about 2 years ago. They put it on an auction on eBay with a 3 month dealer warranty and it sold for £30 less than they paid me, for only a bit more than £400.

And a friend of mine had been trying to get his Naim dealer to take a Unitiserve that was similar age/condition to mine and he doesn’t want it, at almost any price.

I don’t think Unitiserve’s have much commercial value anymore regrettably.



I’ve looked at the FAQ and I don’t see any rules about items for sale. Could you point me to that rule.

“ No For Sale or Wanted ads! (includes free gifts and loans of equipment) - this includes transparent or oblique references to equipment for sale or equipment being sought - sometimes this will be a judgement call. ALL links to, or mentions of, equipment For Sale will be moderated.”

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Thanks, I missed the rules buried in the scroll at the top.

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