UnitiServe or Uniti Core? What fit´s best to my system?

As mentioned earlier, I´m new to Naim products but not new to HiFi. Coming from DIY tube amps of the cost no object class, horn speakers, beeing a vinyl afficionado, already did some try outs with digital formats and streaming, but sizing down the efforts due to a constant lack of time and changing interests. Now I want to keep that court simple and pragmatic.

Thus I started with famous Chrome Bumpers, want to continue using either my existing high sensitivity speakers as well as turntables and phono stages. There´s also a Micromega Trio set of CD transport and external DAC which is also set for further use.

There´s also an existing music server and streaming client (both integrated in a PopcornHour C-300) in my system already, but since I´ve upgraded to a new NAS system with a much greater HDD music files are actually stored two times (once on the NAS and another time on the music server).

Now I´m thinking this music server thing over with maybe switching to a used Naim UnitiServe or a new Uniti Core what will give me a quite similar shoebox design as of the Chrome Bumpers. Can you guys please help me out on my open questions?

Is the Internet radio functionality executed directly on the servers or is it a function that runs on your tablet and is only streamed to the Naim music server via UPNP?

Is internet radio even an available function for the older UnitiServe devices?

Can I upgrade to a SSD when upgrading the HDD on a UnitiServe at Naims? Can I change the hard drive in the Uniti Core on my own or does it have to be done at an authorized service Station?

Can both units be configured that way that no music files are stored on their HDDs but all files are stored directly on the NAS?

Many thanks in advance

In the Unitiserve Internet Radio is built into the server, but there is no internet radio functionality in the UnitiCore. Nowadays Naim build it into the streamers instead.

No you can’t upgrade to an SSD instead of an HDD in a Unitiserve (nor can Naim). There was a thread about this on the forum a while back, that you could probably find by searching. The UnitiCore is supplied without an internal SSD or HDD and you fit whatever you want yourself. If the HDD fails then you fit a new one yourself too.

You can buy a version of the Unitiserve that has a small internal SSD and no HDD. That would be a better way to go if you want a Unitiserve.

Yes both Unitiserve and UnitiCore can be configured to save rips on a NAS. You don’t need to use the internal drive. You don’t even need to have an internal drive at all in the UnitiCore.



You will not have I radio on Uniticore.
I the hdd or ssd is failed, you can replace it in the Uniticore, not the Serve.
You can have a view on the Innuos range too, like the Zen mini or Zen.

If you are happy playing from the nas then I’d continue with that. Neither server will add anything and won’t sound better in my experience. Just put Asset or a MinimServer on the nas. Both are excellent.

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IMO I wouldn’t go anywhere near either of those unless you insist on staying Naim. Plenty of more inexpensive and robust devices out there that do what they do.

Thanks guys; so a UnitiServe SSD would be the match; but plenty of other devices doing same job (ripping CDs, Internet radio, Music Server and streaming) out there., what makes the price what determines what will be done.

What will those apps do better as the inbuild QNAP music server?

I agree; even a PS4 might do the job and is capable of playing movies from DVD and Blue Ray. Furthermore it would cope with all gaming adventures for kids and those young at heart (e.g. track day experiences). :sweat_smile:

Asset for example is far more flexible and presents a nicer way to play your collection. Loads of Forum members use it. You can download a free trial version that can help you decide.

Innous Zen is a very much better option then Core!!! The Naim App is horrendous :-1:t2::-1:t2::-1:t2:

I’d give a pretty penny if I’d chosen the Innuos Zen instead of the Uniti Core. All because the Uniti Core 1) lacks versatility. It only rips and streams. No internet radio, no access to music services like Tidal, Qobuz, etc. And, 2) worse, its WAV formatted music cannot be transferred anywhere else.

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Yes, I feel the same but what is worse is that Naim is not even listening!!! I’ve sent twice emails with pictures and I described precisely the problems but they can’t even be bothered to give a decent reply apart from - wait for a software update!!! All to no avail. As long as they can sell lots of additional power supplies because they not fit a decent one from the start that seems to be all they care for.

I have written, too, to no avail. I have to say one thing in the Uniti Core’s favor, it does sound good. I don’t know if it sounds better than it’s competition, but it does sound very nice.

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Yes, that is it’s only saving grace :+1:t2::+1:t2::+1:t2:

I´ll have a closer look into Innous Zen MK III Mini. Thanks for the tip.

Simultaneously I´ll check what can be build up with OSMC or other Kudu based Linux software packages and some harware

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In the meantime I played a little with the Vero 4k and OSMC. Interesting and not bad at all.

Nevertheless, it took a while to get TuneIn up and running on the Vero 4 k, but now the little box is streaming music from my QNAP NAS via UPNP and accessing to my TuneIn account. In terms of sound, connected to my external Micromega DAC via Toslink its also tempting. Quality wise its very close to the PopcornHour.

Next, I’ll try out how the box works when ripping CDs and I´ll start measuring and analysing the output signal.

I agree Echolane. I was looking at the option to replace my US ssd with a Uniti Core. I would have expected the replacement to have at least Internet radio as on my US and to possibly offer streaming . From being an automatic buy I will be looking around to see what else is available.

+1. ( and save money)

In the Naim world, if you want a streamer, buy a streamer, not a server. If you want something that is primarily a server that can also stream, look at Innuos.

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If you’re replacing an existing product why take the Internet Radio away?

You would have to ask Naim, it’s not the only function of the old servers that hasn’t been included in the Core. My guess is that they have chosen to focus their resources on optimising the current range of streamers which are the sources most Naim customers will be using, with the Core as an add-on for the dwindling number of people who still rip CDs and use local storage.

In general, the world of HiFi seems to be blurring the boundaries between servers and streamers. The Naim streamers can do more of the things that the servers can do, such as play from local storage, including running a UPnP server for other devices, and in the case of the Star, a CD ripper too.
Innuos are coming at it from the other direction, with their ripper servers offering an increasing range of streaming services built in. So there is plenty of choice out there.

I do miss the Hdx approach. A ”fusion” of stream/server (?)