Unitiserve Problem

Hiya - Have been away for so long I couldn’t find my forum id or password - hope people are well in this time of COVID.

I have a unitiserve and for the first time in ages went to rip a CD. The metadata was not picked up so I have gone to edit it using the app on my MacBook Pro. However - while I can see (and connect to) the device across the network - the app can not find the unitiserve. Is this a common problem - and if so - does anyone know how to get it to work?



I dont know about the Unitiserve specifically, but would help to know how you have it connected to your network? Do you just have the single ISP router, or additional routers, wifi extenders, Access Point, etc?

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N-serve for Mac should find it ok. Have you got an iPhone or iPad? You can use n-serve for IOS on those. They should work fine.

Also the firmware on your Unitiserve may need updating to 1.7c, but while that should help with finding metadata, it shouldn’t affect whether or not n-serve can see the Unitiserve.

One thing you could try would be to turn off your router and turn off the Unitiserve, then restart the router and when it is fully back, restart the Unitiserve.



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Hiya - I managed to get the phone app to work and have the correct IP address - pointing the laptop app at the same IP address found it - I am now trying to work out why I cant edit the data - but as I cant do it with either phone or laptop app - that feels like a privileges thing. Thank you for replying.

Good thought on the firmware - I’ll look at that as well.

Hasn’t been touched in a few years. Is there a quick way of doing it (last time I did it was complicated and required downloading it to a PC and then copying it across a cable).

It’s still the same way but not as you describe!

You have to get the image, burn a CD, then put the CD in the Unitiserve and leave it to update, which takes ten minutes or so after the disc has been ejected.

You have to do them sequentially though, so you need to know the current firmware level and do all the subsequent ones from Naim’s website. The last one 1.7c you have to get from Naim. If you phone Naim support they will put a CD in the post. It is also available on line, but not from Naim’s website.

Anyway the first thing is to find out what firmware level your’s is on.

Incidentally 1.7c is essential because it stops the Unitiserve looking for the defunct AMG metadata server and adds Rovi and 1.7b is essential before it because it added MusicBrainz. Freedb is also now gone, so a Unitiserve on earlier than 1.7b is completely without any metadata lookup except the very limited version of Freedb that Naim put on the internal HDD.




You’re right! I was thinking of updating my Uniti - which needs to go to get fixed.

I think it must have been updated when it went for a service a couple of years ago as it is on version 1.7b - so not as bad as I feared. I’ll need to find someone with a CD writer.

Thank you so much for your help.

If you are in uk then just ring Naim support.

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